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  • Medical consultation


  • botulinum toxin:

It is a natural purified protein that relaxes muscles and eliminates wrinkles. Depending on the dose of botulinum toxin and the method of administration, an appropriate treatment plan can be created to reduce wrinkles while maintaining facial mimicry. Botulinum toxin can be used to eliminate increased sweating, bruxism, and migraine.

  • hyaluronic acid:

Filler treatments are the preferred procedure for those who want to improve their appearance but do not want to experience potential surgical complications. Fillers such as Allergan, Restylane, and Juvederm are made of hyaluronic acid. They are used to improve the appearance of the face and body by restoring lost volume, elimination of furrows and wrinkles, correction of the shape and size of the lips, forehead and nose. Thanks to fillers, we can achieve the desired face shape.

  • volumetric facelift
  • needle mesotherapy:

It involves injecting small doses of a medicinal substance directly into the affected areas. Used in aesthetic medicine. Depending on the selected preparation, needle mesotherapy is an excellent way to nourish mature skin, preventing skin aging, hair loss, cellulite and fighting stretch marks. Needle mesotherapy cocktails usually use: hyaluronic acid, biomimetic peptides, oligoelements, vitamins, glycolic acid, retinol and antioxidants, polyribonucleotides.

  • tissue stimulators:

calcium hydroxyapatite, polylactic acid, Gouri, Nucleofill, Profhilo, Platelet-rich plasma,

  • medical peelings
  • laser rejuvenation
  • plasma
  • microneedle radiofrequency


It is the new gold standard for a wide range of medical and aesthetic applications. Increases clinical effectiveness, versatility and safety for each of the listed applications. Thanks to the unique combination of high power in a very short pulse duration, it allows treatment without the use of anesthetics and skin cooling. The procedure is painless. Neo Elite’s advanced technology can reach deep under the skin without warming the superficial layer of the skin. Reduces discomfort during treatment and provides safe, highly effective results for even the darkest skin types.

  • treatment of psoriasis, acne, rosacea, nail fungus, removal of viral warts
  • laser hair removal, epilation
  • laser removal of discolorations and pigmentation changes
  • laser removal of scars and stretch marks
  • removal of acne scars
  • laser vessel closure, removal of flat hemangiomas
  • laser skin rejuvenation and firming
  • laser treatment of wounds and bedsores



Pregnancy and breastfeeding, Skin inflammation, irritation at the treatment site, Cancer, Unregulated autoimmune diseases, Advanced diabetes, Tendencies to develop keloid scars, Permanent makeup or tattoo at the treatment site, Use of drugs and other photosensitizing agents.

It allows for non-invasive removal of skin imperfections and lesions. It is an excellent alternative in the treatment of diseases that have previously been subjected to aesthetic surgery, e.g. correction of drooping eyelids. At the same time, it does not cause current to flow through the patient’s eyeball, and sublimation occurs only in the epidermis without unnecessary damage to the dermis. Plasmage does not damage the tissues surrounding the lesion being treated, so there is no inflammation on healthy skin.

  • blepharospasm of the eyelids
  • removal of stretch marks and scars
  • removal of skin discolorations
  • removal of viral warts
  • plasma peeling

The combination of radio waves and microneedling in Scarlet S is an innovative, patented technology. The effects of its use are visible immediately and become even more pronounced over time. Collagen fibers shrink during the treatment. The improvement in skin tightening is noticeable immediately. In the following weeks and months, new collagen fibers are stimulated, twisted and thickened, which is responsible for improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

  • improving volume and lifting
  • eliminating acne scars and relieving acne
  • removing a double chin and eliminating wrinkles on the neck
  • improving skin elasticity
  • removal of scars and stretch marks
  • removal of discolorations

It is a special compression massage created to improve the flow and drainage of lymph – a fluid that helps remove toxins from the body. Eliminates swelling, improves skin quality and the functioning of the immune system.

Moreover, it can accelerate the loss of unnecessary kilograms and cellulite reduction, and additionally allows you to relax and unwind.

Lymphatic massage should be chosen by people who:

  • they struggle with swelling and lymphatic stasis,
  • fight cellulite,
  • they are losing weight,
  • want to improve the functioning of the immune system,
  • have diabetes,
  • are after injuries or surgeries that caused lymph stasis and swelling.

Diathermo Contraction, radiofrequency and ultrasound/ – Imperium med 400

Imperium MED 400 is a premium multifunctional device intended for aesthetic and rehabilitation medicine, operating based on mechanical vibrations (diathermo contraction), radio frequency (RF) and ultrasonic radiation.

A strong stream of radio frequency radiation (400W) causes a diathermy effect in the skin, subcutaneous structures and muscles. Warming up the deep and superficial layers of the skin activates metabolic processes in the connective tissue, reduces swelling, stimulates cell polyphase, increases blood flow and reduces pain in the musculoskeletal system. The action of ultrasound activates processes regeneration in the skin, normalizes capillary blood flow, tones muscle tension. Imperium MED 400 is the strongest diathermy on the market with a power of 400 watts. Treatments using it eliminate toxins and catabolites by stimulating cellular metabolism, thus accelerating the healing process. This phenomenon is also perfect for regeneration after heavy sports efforts. Therefore, Imperium MED 400 is successfully used for professional athletes who need to maintain maximum physical fitness and regenerate their body in a short time.



  • Reduction of fat tissue,
  • Liquidation of cellulite,
  • Body shaping,
  • 1st and 2nd degree collagen synthesis (smoothing wrinkles),
  • Tightening sagging skin on the face and body,
  • Deep lymphatic drainage,
  • Deep stimulation of muscle fibers,
  • Regeneration after injuries, surgery and physical exercise,
  • Sports medicine, rehabilitation of pain syndromes



pacemaker, metal implants in the treatment area, cancer (up to 5 years after completion of treatment), active vascular disease/thrombosis, taking anticoagulants, cardiac disorders, infectious diseases, hypersensitivity to heat/sensory disorders, endocrine diseases, facial surgery in within the last 3 months, pregnancy, breastfeeding, active infections

Kobido is one of the oldest and most technically advanced massage arts, originating from 15th century Japan. The most important goal of this massage is to reduce muscle tension and improve the condition of the skin. Kobido is a unique, rejuvenating massage that involves complex stimulating techniques affecting the deeper layers of the skin and muscles. This method allows you to achieve the effect of face lifting non-invasively. Massage affects the nervous, muscular and lymphatic systems. The massage technique supports circulation, which makes the skin better oxygenated and nourished. The treatment covers the face, neck, neck, cleavage, arms and head. The techniques used in KOBIDO massage bring both health and aesthetic benefits, which are noticeable after the first treatment. The muscles relax visibly and the skin is oxygenated and nourished. The massage visibly reduces wrinkles and improves the oval of the face. The skin looks relaxed, smooth and radiant. Reducing muscle tension relieves headaches and migraines, allowing us to relax and calm down. For lasting effects, a series of 3-5 treatments is recommended once a week, followed by a maintenance massage once a month.


  • loss of firmness and elasticity
  • muscle tension, bruxism
  • headaches, migraine headaches
  • sloping facial oval
  • small wrinkles
  • swelling and lymphatic stasis
  • drooping eyelids



  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • active herpes
  • infections (including dental infections)
  • skin inflammation
  • disruption of skin continuity at the treatment site
  • cancers
  • active rosacea
  • aesthetic medicine treatments
  • hyaluronic acid approx. 2-3 months, botulinum toxin 2 weeks, lifting threads 6 months before the procedure
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